Producer Mezcal Arroqueño
ABV: 46%



With only 800 bottles produced, this scarce, 15+-year-old agave is dry, tropical fruit-forward and made to be shared with good conversation.

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Tasting Notes: Tropical Stone Fruits, Floral, Smoke, Citrus Rind, Black Pepper, Earth

Batch/Quantity Information: ~580 Liters
Maestro: Juan Pacheco Santos
Location: Ejutla La Noria Sec 13 – grown, harvested, crushed, fermented, distilled.
ABV/Proof: 46% – 92 Proof 

Roast Time: 72 hours
Resting Time (between cook and crush): 1 hour
Roast Type: Traditional horno (earthen oven)
Wood Type:  Huamuchil
Maturation Time (Agave Oaxacensis): 11 years 

Crush Type: Bull Pulled Stone Tahona Wheel
Fermentation Time: 8 – 10 days (temperature dependent)
Fermentation Tank: Wood –  Cypress – Sabino or Ahuehuete
Double Plated Copper Pot Still: One Distillation 

Terroir Notes: the fermentation tanks/palenque are surrounded by fruit trees in which its yeast/pollen add nuance and yeast strains into the fermentation process.

Format: 750ml 

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ABV: 46%”

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