Our Story

Producer Mezcal is an homage to those who create, inspire, and take pride in the minute details that make things unique. We sought to create a mezcal for all types of consumers. We decided the name should resonate with quality and passion.

Producer Mezcal speaks to patience, commitment to crafting with passion, and those who appreciate refinement. Our minimalist bottle design is meant to transport you to small villages in Oaxaca where labels are simply a piece of masking tape. Our logo is meant to speak to discovery and exploration, with each sip of Producer Mezcal we aim to educate and inspire comfortability in the Mezcal category.

We believe that human connection is an integral part of understanding the intricacies of Mezcal. We will tell the stories of our maestros and their history with mezcal, while our expressions will tell their own unique stories of time spent maturing on the earth. It’s our mission to educate the importance of terroir, emphasize local craftsmanship, and provide educational growth opportunities within Ejutla.

Our expansion plan in Ejutla focuses on its residents. The brand will define a recycling and garbage program focusing on the health of Ejutla while also providing physical infrastructure (improving road quality). Producer Mezcal will captivate, engage, and enthrall those seeking discovery by introducing new mezcals year by year, like our Arroqueno.

We will focus on artistic expressions through various mediums and continue to tell the story of mezcal production and generational knowledge.